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Time for today's Kuji-Un meeting! - Genshiken Rating
The Society for The Study of Modern Visual Culture Rating
Time for today's Kuji-Un meeting!


Name: Anna
Nickname(s): 'NN', 'Naoe-san', 'Ney' 'you over there'
Age: 24
Gender: female
Prefer to be rated as a girl or boy?: I really don't care


Likes: naps, good food, art, anime and manga of course, japanese dorama
Dislikes: unnerving people especilly the "parent-ish" type that gives you unwanted advices, racists, sexists, children in general (everything below 12), boredom, people who make stupid comments about otaku (Like that one woman in the train that was like "Jeez, these are ADULTS! When she saw a bunch of cosplayers)
Strengths: cussedness, I fight with everything for what/who is important to me
Weaknesses: cussedness xD, I'm kinda hot-tempered, Weak to cold weather, I tend to argue with people till they give in (that might could be a strenght too xD)
Hobbies: Playing games (DS, PC), buying stuff for my collections (too damn many), reading (novels (mostly horror), manga, specialised books), taking photos, sculpting (http://www.schwarz-playroom.com/acrylic_crystal/sculp_inprog.htm), watching anime/movies/reports...
Talents: Sculpting... a bit I think. Making other people laugh. I also have a good hand for electronic stuff like computers, satellite decoders and other shit. It's broken? Call Ney. Holding hour long lectures about the awesomeness of otaku culture (ask my LJ friends they can tell xD)


Favorite character, and why: Madarame cause I feel the most affinity to him
Least favorite character, and why: Hm I think Kuchiki, he doesn't do anything bad but his SPAZZ-nes would drive me either mad or make me act the same as him to drive HIM mad (the counter tactic I usually use on unnerving guys)... not good!
Favorite pairing, and why: Madarame and Saki but that will never happen so Tanaka and Oono (or MadaramexSasahara *get's shot* xD)
Least favorite pairing, and why: pfff... none I have seen so far but if KuchikixSaki ever happens I will scratch my eyes out
Favorite Genshiken quote?: "AAAH! He tries to act like a NORMAL person!!!" (Madarame in Genshiken 2 Eps 6)
Genshiken or Genshiken OVA?: Genshiken 2 =P (Haven't seen the OVA so far)


Favorite color: lilac
Favorite food: Pasta Pesto, Salad and afterwards a soy chocolate pudding (I'm veggie) ... no wait that's a whole menue *ahem* just the Pasta
Favorite anime(s): Genshiken, Naruto, Basilisk, Bleach, Gantz, Fullmetal Alchemist
Favorite manga(s): Naruto, One Piece, Bremen, Vagabound, Basilisk, Air Gear, Gantz, Death Note, Genshiken of course
Favorite video game(s): "Age of Empires 2" + "Cultures" series for the PC and stuff like "animal Crossing" for the DS. However I also love everything "Silent Hill" and "Resident Evil"
Hentai, yaoi or yuri?: I go for all of that xDDD *h*


How'd you find this community?: searched something Genshiken on LJ xD
How long have you liked Genshiken?: since I first saw some scans of it
What did you witness first? The anime or the manga?: Actually I love them equal but I think I like the anime more... (I never thought _I_ would say that I love anime more then manga)
Anything else we should add?: Don't think so, I already write wy too much
Picture or description: 1,7m (67'), around 50kg, always wears something striped (sweater, socks, fingerless gloves...), glasses, blue eyed, haircolor tends to change each week (from white to black over red and greenish), likes anime T-Shirts, otaku bag, hentai grin 80% of time xD


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qem_chibati From: qem_chibati Date: November 28th, 2007 09:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Madarame vibes!~ :D
radiopowered From: radiopowered Date: November 29th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC) (Link)
pfff... none I have seen so far but if KuchikixSaki ever happens I will scratch my eyes out

Any pairing with Kuchiki would just boggle my mind (and drive the other person insane).

Now then, As per your vote... hm, your personality actually reminds me a lot of Ogiue and Saki. Opinionated and forceful. However, I also saw some Madarame in that sense as well, not to mention in your description ('hentai grin' especially. xD;) and being able to freely talk about 'otaku culture'.

So... I'm gonna go with another Madarame vote here. :D
vegeta_holic From: vegeta_holic Date: November 30th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
I agree to Madarame :D
radiopowered From: radiopowered Date: January 10th, 2008 04:19 am (UTC) (Link)


You have been stamped as Madarame.


Save the image on your own computer please. ♥
4 comments or Leave a comment