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Welcome to otaku_rating, a rating community for the anime/manga Genshiken (The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture).
-You must be over 13 to join.
-Please no character, pairing and/or user bashing! No trouble here, kthnx.
-Be nice!
-When voting, make sure to bold your vote. Also, try to give a reason as to why you chose that character. i.e. "I'm getting Sasahara vibes from you."
-You will be stamped after a week, or after 6 same votes. (Note: Do be patient when waiting for votes or a stamp. You might not get enough votes to be stamped or get stamped right after a week has gone by.)
-To make sure we know you've read the rules, put "Time for today's Kuji-Un meeting!" as your subject.
-Don't be shy. We won't bite. :D
-Have fun!!
You may be stamped as any of the following characters.


If you want to affiliate, reply to this post. :3

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